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Default Fair Winds Yacht Charter

Just returned from a bareboat catamaran charter originating in St Thomas. Beautiful sailing in St Thomas, St John, and Culebra. I wish I could say the same about the boat we chartered. First, it was basically dirty, especially the kitchen area. That's really inexcusable. Older boats have things go wrong, but they should be at least clean.
Then there were quite a few minor things and some major ones wrong with our 10 year old 44' cat, including a broken attachment from the boom to the traveler. Had to return to base to have it jury-rigged with a piece of line which cost us 1/2 day of sailing time. To top things off, when we returned the boat they noticed that our dingy line was about 4 feet shorter then when we got it (wrapped around the prop, but that's another story) and they charged us $48 extra for a brand new line - when it still had more than enough scope for towing the dinghy. To be fair, some things worked well, like the dinghy motor (new), the dinghy itself (didn't leak), and the 2 diesels in the boat itself.
If you charter from Fair Winds be aware that you definitely won't be getting a problem-free yacht, and they have a tendency to nickel-and-dime you..
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