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Why Yacht Charter?

Welcome to the world of yacht charter. The usual pitch we hear about why vacationers should yacht charter sounds like it is directed at vacationers who like to take cruises. Cruises are an all-inclusive experience. All-inclusive can be great but it is a best-value option and certainly not a best-experience option. Rarely can a vacationer get everything they want in all-inclusive (great food, no crowds!) This is the main difference between cruises and yacht charters: with yacht charters, a vacationer can get everything they want.

Travel at Your Own Pace

With a yacht charter, a charterer gets to enjoy a vacation on their terms. No matter if they charter a bareboat or a megayacht, they will get to travel at their own pace, create their own itinerary, enjoy the entire destination instead of just one beach or resort, and best of all, avoid crowds. From those general characteristics of all yacht charters, a charterer can tailor the yacht charter of their dreams.

See a Destination From a Different Perspective

If there is water, there is probably a yacht charter. We love to point out that yacht charters are not limited to tropical beach locales. Some of the most interesting charters we have heard about are in wild places like Alaska, off the coast of Iceland (with skiing!), the Amazon, and barges through the wine country of France. A yacht charter can be a moveable base that is preparing for a charterer’s return while they are out experiencing the destination. One of our favorite reviews on CharterExpert is on a crewed yacht charter in Alaska where the captain caught fresh seafood for dinner and the first mate/cook picked wild berries and made a pie while the charterers were out hiking. On that note, lets talk about food.

Eat Well

Crewed yacht charters with excellent cooks and chefs can allow charterers to have gourmet meals from the comfort of their yacht. This makes the transition from cocktail hour to dinner to food coma very easy. A great meal can come from a two-person crew or from a larger crew where the chef is classically trained and has worked at prestigious restaurants. Whether it is simple and fresh prepared meals or a 7-course tasting menu, there is wonderful eating to be had on yacht charters. One of our hopes is that CharterExpert will help identify the yacht charters with great food.

While we are sure there are many other reasons why people love to yacht charter, the above are some of ours. If traveling at your own speed, building your own itinerary, experiencing destinations in-depth, and eating well sounds appealing to you, book a yacht charter!

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