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Tonga Yacht Charter Anchorages

  • Nuku’alofa Harbor
  • This harbor in Tonga islands has been used as a safe haven for many a year. Captain James Cook, in fact, came here more than once. This port lies near the largest city of Tonga, and is used as both a ... Explore Nuku’alofa Harbor
  • Hunga
  • Hunga Island is lush and green and has a tiny entrance to a very large lagoon on the south side of the island. The water is deep and you may very well be the only person here even during high sailing ... Explore Hunga
  • Port Maurelle
  • If you like caves, then you won’t want to miss the Swallow’s Cave on Kapa Island. Take your dingy and go snorkeling around the cave, and don’t easily be spooked. The coral and shadows below the water ... Explore Port Maurelle
  • Taunga
  • Taunga has some of the clearest water—your boat will seemingly float—in the world. The long white beach is Hollywood perfect and has probably been in numerous films (Reminds you of Pirates of the Cari ... Explore Taunga
  • Ovaka Island (Harbor)
  • Ovaka Island has a little jetty of a harbor on the north end of the island. There are two lagoons really close by and offer some nice snorkeling and protection from the winds and elements. The island ... Explore Ovaka Island (Harbor)