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St Vincent and the Grenadines Yacht Charter Anchorages

  • Chateaubelair Bay
  • A lot of the most protected yacht charter anchorages in St. Vincent lie on the east side of the island. The Chateaubelair Bay has plenty of room for power yachts and sailboats. It is over 5,000 feet w ... Explore Chateaubelair Bay
  • Cumberland Bay
  • Cumberland Bay is just south of Chateaubelair Bay and is smaller but filled to the brim with palm-profiled shores. Cumberland Bay is less than 10 nautical miles from the northernmost tip of St. Vincen ... Explore Cumberland Bay
  • Wallilabou
  • Named after the river with the same name due north, Wallilabou is less than two nautical miles from Cumberland Bay across the Cumberland River. This harbor is small but has a few moorings; it is here ... Explore Wallilabou
  • Petit Byahaut
  • The only way you’ll get to Petit Byahaut is by the water. You can’t get here over land by car, even though it’s only a few miles south of the Wallilabou yacht charter anchorage. Petit Byahaut is one o ... Explore Petit Byahaut
  • Kingstown
  • There are plenty of moorings and places to drop anchor in St. Vincent’s largest moorage and capital, just north of Blue Lagoon—surrounded by coral reefs and also an anchorage. Kingstown is very civic ... Explore Kingstown