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Saint Lucia Yacht Charter Anchorages

  • Rodney Bay
  • Rodney Bay in St. Lucia lies at the north and east side of the island. The bay is a cushiony lagoon. If the lagoon itself were a poodle, you would enter through the tail and be then protected on all d ... Explore Rodney Bay
  • Marigot Bay
  • Marigot Bay in St. Lucia has one of the best locations for getting to Castries (Capital), the Pitons (mountain-like) and the Pigeon Island National Park. Marigot Bay is the epitome of a Caribbean bay, ... Explore Marigot Bay
  • Soufriere Bay
  • Soufriere Bay is just south of Marigot Bay with Mount Malmaison in the distance. Gros Piton is due south and sort of forms a microsized version of the Pillars of Hercules. The Soufriere Bay has a larg ... Explore Soufriere Bay
  • Pitonís Bay
  • Pitonís Bay is just around the corner, south of Soufriere Bay and the Petit Piton Mountain. This is a long beach with not as much protection as found in Rodney and Marigot Bays. There are a few moorin ... Explore Pitonís Bay
  • Vieux Fort Bay
  • Vieux Fort Bay is just south of the airport and moderately south of Pitonís Bay. This bay has a nice sheltered manmade fortification to keep the boats safe. A sailboat, however, will have to drop anch ... Explore Vieux Fort Bay