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Palermo Yacht Charter Anchorages

  • Palermo Bay
  • Palermo Bay is actually a city with the same name and is the capital of Sicily, the large island slightly being kicked by the boot of Italy. Palermo Bay lies on the north side of the island on the wes ... Explore Palermo Bay
  • Cefalu Harbor
  • Just east of Palermo and on the same coastline of Sicily lies Cefalu Harbor. This is a haven away from the bustle of Palermo and provides some nice refuge. The name comes from the hill with the rock a ... Explore Cefalu Harbor
  • Ustica
  • Ustica is less than 40 nautical miles from Palermo. The whole island is clad in interesting volcanic features and topography. The caves, grottos, chambers and caverns that you will see if you take a s ... Explore Ustica
  • Alicudi Harbor
  • Alicudi is on the south end of the island with the same name. It is an isolated Aeolian Island but does have some people living on it, less than 200 at last count. If you want to get away but still be ... Explore Alicudi Harbor
  • Porto Santa Marina
  • Once you tire of the aridness of some of the other Aeolian Islands, such as Alicudi, then Salina will be an entirely different foliage. In addition to all sorts of vegetation, Salina has three volcano ... Explore Porto Santa Marina