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Grenada Yacht Charter Anchorages

  • Prickly Bay
  • Prickly Bay lies at the southern tip of Grenada, a couple bays east of the landing strip and True Blue Bay. The three Grenada islands include Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. This bay in parti ... Explore Prickly Bay
  • True Blue Bay
  • True Blue Bay gives easy access to the airport. If you need to get transport away from the water, itís quite easy to find here. There are some things to do, including a small yacht charter marina. The ... Explore True Blue Bay
  • Halifax Harbor
  • Halifax Harbor is just north up the same coastline from St. Georgeís on Grenada. This harbor is quite small but well protected on all three sides. There are only three yacht charter moorings to speak ... Explore Halifax Harbor
  • Tyrell Bay
  • Tyrell Bay lies at the southern cove of the Grenada island of Carriacou. This island is known for its laid back, chill atmosphere. There are coral reefs all around the island, and with that comes some ... Explore Tyrell Bay
  • Sandy Island
  • This little island is just around the jutting of Tyrell Bay. There are not so many trees but there is a nice little beach facing Carriacou. If you like to snorkel, this is one place that you wonít wan ... Explore Sandy Island