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Galapagos Yacht Charter Information

When you think of the Galapagos Islands off from Ecuador's coast, it's impossible to get out of your mind shots of large tortoises, blue footed boobies, long-dead masters of the sea, the Beagle, Darwin and his (in)famous Origin of Species. These mostly volcanic islands have seen history die before it's eyes, but these islands still live on, growing one-inch per year in fact. The Galapagos in and of themselves offer an unforgettable yacht charter destination. If it doesn't top your To Sail list, then it should. The prices can vary, with both luxury and austerity charters available. However padded your wallet, be sure to see the Galapagos at least once in your life from the bow of a yacht. Night scuba dives, snorkeling, submarine tours, ecology laboratories, wild animals, sailable winds and sunny days opens the doors to another world altogether.

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Galapagos Yacht Charter Basic Information

  • Main Harbor or Port: Puerto Ayora for Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
  • Body of Water: Pacific Ocean
  • Nearest Major Airport: From Quito or Guayaquil (see above), charters fly into either of the Galapagos' two airports on the islands of Baltra or San Cristobal.
  • Acceptable Forms of Currency: U.S. Dollar
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish
  • How to Get There from Abroad: Charterers fly into Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE) in Ecuador and usually stay the night and take an early morning flight to the Galapagos.
  • Geography/Terrain: Volcanic Islands
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Climate in Galapagos, Ecuador

Temperatures in °F84-7086-7488-7486-7282-7278-6676-6474-6476-6277-6478-6680-68
Precipitation Totals in Inches2.863.573.72.821.330.890.560.
Hurricane or Typhoon Danger------------
High Season for CharteringHHHH-------H
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