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Cost of a Yacht Charter

Yacht charters can run from a few thousands dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars and everything in-between. It all depends on what a charterer is looking for.

Bareboat Yacht Charter Costs

On the cheaper side there are bareboats. These are sailing and power yachts usually in the range of 30 feet to 60 feet that can be chartered with or without a hired captain, with a hired captain, or with a hired captain and first mate/cook. Prices depend on the size of the boat and the number of crew and for a week can run from the $1,000 into the $10,000 range. The larger bareboat yachts can accommodate 8-12 guests comfortably. Bareboats usually come equipped with fuel, full water tanks, ice, and linens/towels.

Crewed Yacht Charter Costs

Next on the yacht charter expense spectrum are crewed yacht charters. These are privately owned yachts that have a full-time crew. The sailing or power yachts can range from 40 feet to over 400 feet, have crews ranging from 2 to 30, and can handle up to twenty plus guests for the megayachts. Prices can range from $15,000 a week for 6 guests on a 50 foot monohull in Alaska, $35,000 a week for 6 guests on a 110 foot power yacht in the Caribbean, to $450,000 a week for a 300 foot or larger power yacht in the Mediterranean that can accommodate 20 guests. Provisions (food and alcohol), fuel, fees incurred along the way (docking, taxes), and gratuity are usually in addition to the base rate.

Costs per Person/Family

The important thing to remember about yacht charter is that a charterer should divide the price of the yacht charter by the number of people and the nights. Most charterers will realize that they can find yacht charters that suit or exceed their needs for prices comparable to a cruise ship vacation. However, the charterer will likely discover that the experience on a yacht charter is incomparable to a cruise ship.

Other Cost Factors

There are many other variables that can influence the cost of a yacht charter. Two specific ones include the yacht charter location and the high season. Prices of a yacht may double from the low season to the high season. Also, local cost of living and economies can influence the overall cost of a yacht charter. Choosing a destination with a lower cost of living can often lead to a cheaper charter rate.